Power of Electric Vehicle for your Home and Business

Sustainable, powerful, safe, affordable and smart

5 kWh
48 V

Nunam Ness battery modules are built from repurposed electric vehicle batteries, are designed for long-lasting, safe operation, affordable and environmental friendliness. Totally scalable and modular to fit a range of applications and energy demands. Nunam Ness is an internet connected smart battery, to improve longevity, performance, and safety. 

Nunam Ness battery modules can be used to replace lead acid battery systems or can be an alternative option to expensive first life lithium ion batteries. Ness modules can be used to build off-grid, on-grid, or hybrid solar systems by combining them with a range of approved inverters and chargers.  

Circular batteries

Safe, reliable and long lasting

Affordable with high quality

Scalable and modular

Smart connected

your daily driver

The power of Electric Vehicles, for your homes and business

EV manufacturers use high-quality lithium-ion batteries that can meet demanding performance requirements.

Safe, Reliable & Long Lasting

Circular second-life batteries for a sustainable future

With our repurposed electric vehicle batteries, ness Series 5 has the lowest battery carbon footprint in India.​

Affordable batteries with Low LCOE

Ness batteries cost at least 30% less than Lithium ion battery systems, and last 7-8 years. 

Modular to fit all your needs

Our batteries can fit in a wide range of applications, starting from small scale hybrid solar residential systems to commercial and industrial UPS backup needs. 

Smart Battery. Smart warranty

Customer-centric from day one with data-backed warranty transparency, OTA updates and live battery health tracking.​

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Capacity: 5kWh
System Voltage: 48V
Chemistry: LiFePO4
Continous power: 2kW
Peak power: 4kW for 10sec
Scalable upto: 50kWh
Cycle life: 2000
Warranty: 5 years